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What is Share Market . what is share market in hindi

What is Share Market . what is share market in hindi How to earn money from share market. You must have heard the name of share market, only then you have come on Google, what is share market, how it works. Some of you must have heard that one can become a millionaire by investing in the share market. Let me tell you, there is no such method or formula. To become a millionaire

Yes, but this is true. Lakhs of rupees can be earned from the share market by adopting the right experience and knowledge and the right method, for this you Complete knowledge of share market After all, how to earn money by investing in the share market, we will tell you what is share market in Hindi, then read the article carefully and till the end.

What is share market? what is share market in hindi

First of all we know. What is share market, how does share market work? We take it as an example. let’s say i XYZ I am a company owner, I want to grow my company and move the company forward. But I don’t have money. So I will list my company in the stock market, for this I will have to go to SEBI, now you must be wondering what is SEBI. so let’s know

What is SEBI. What is SEBI in hindi

CB (security exchange bord of India) Government established it on April 12, 1992, SEBI’s work is that all the companies which are listed in the stock market in India, it keeps an eye on all the companies so that no scam can be done with any investor. Fraud cannot happen, now you must have come to know what it is

so if my company stop me market I have to get listed. So I have to give all the details of my company i.e. Janam Kundli to CB. So when I get approval from SEBI then my company will be listed in the stock market. Then I will go to the stock exchange where my company is listed

know this also What is IPO and how to invest in it

What is stock exchange.

There are two stock exchanges in the share market, one is NSE. ,National stock exchange) is one BSE (Bombay stock exchange) where more than 1600 companies are listed in NSE and more than 5000 companies are listed in BSE. They are also monitored by SEBI. The job of these two stock exchanges is to take the shares of the companies and give them to the buyer. You must have also understood what is stock exchange. When my company will pass through all these processes, then I will bring the IPO of my company. Now we know what is IPO

What is IPO? what is ipo in hindi

Suppose I need 40 lakh rupees to move my company forward, then I will bring IPO (initial public offer) of 4000 shares of my company. And the price of one share will be 1000.

Any investor who buys a winning percentage share will be a shareholder of the same percentage of that company. Any company comes in the share market only then either that company is new. Either that company has launched IPO again.

IPO means whenever a company sells its shares and someone buys those shares, then it gets some stake in the company, this is called IPO (Initial Public Offer).

Any company can bring IPO only then. As we told you above as an example. He has to go through the whole process. Now it comes to the question of how to buy shares. For this you need a demat and a trading account, now we know in detail what is a demat and trading account.

What is demat and trading account

1. demat account ๐Ÿ‘‰ It is called a demat account. Where you can keep your bought shares and sell from there

2.trading account ๐Ÿ‘‰ Trading account is called where you can buy your shares. But for this you have to link your bank account so that you can easily transact money.

There are two stock exchanges in India, NSE and BSE, shares of all companies are with these stock exchanges, but we cannot buy shares directly from them. SEBI has made this work online. And in order to buy and sell shares easily, brokers have been created where you can open your demat and trading account. We have given below the names of some brokers from where you can open both your demat and trading account



Motilal Oswal

angel broking


You have come to know what is demat account and trading account and where to open it. But now it comes to trading in the share market. What is trading after all? How many types of trading are there and, how to trade know it too

How many types of trading in hindi. how many types of trading

https://missionhindime.com/%e0%a4%b6%e0%a5%87%e0%a4%af%e0%a4%b0-%e0%a4%ae%e0%a4%be%e0%a4% b0%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%95%e0%a5%87%e0%a4%9f-%e0%a4%95%e0%a5%8d%e0%a4%af%e0%a4%be -%e0%a4%b9%e0%a5%88/

There are four types of trading in the share market. Intraday trading. Swing trading. Short trading. And we have told below about all these long Trum trading

1. Intraday trading ๐Ÿ‘‰ Intraday trading means whenever the share market opens at 9.15 am It starts in the morning and closes in 3.15 minutes. In between, whatever you buy and sell shares is called intraday trading, mostly these trading are done by the same people who tell about the ups and downs of the share market.

2. Swing trading ๐Ÿ‘‰ Swing trading means whatever shares you buy. And sell it in a few days or within a few weeks by applying stop loss, it is called swing trading, this trading is also called trading king in the share market.

3. Short term trading ๐Ÿ‘‰ It is called short trading. Where you can buy shares and sell them after waiting for your target price in a few weeks or a few months.

4.Long term trading ๐Ÿ‘‰ Whenever you invest in a stock, it can be held in one year or 5 years or more, this is called a long term trading.

How to understand the mathematics of share market

Before investing in the share market, you must first know whether the share market is up or down. To know this, you have to see BSE’s Sensex and NSE’s Nifty, only then you will be able to know about the ups and downs of the share market. Now you must be thinking that this sensex And what is Nifty, let’s know

what is sensex nift stock market

1. Sensex – As we mentioned above, more than 5000 companies are listed in BSE. And Sensex is the main index of BSE. Wool If you tell about the ups and downs of top 30 companies out of five thousand companies, then you can guess from anyone. whether the stock market is falling or rising today

2. Nifty โ€“ More than 1600 companies are listed in NSE and the main index of NSE is Nifty, it tells about the ups and downs of top 50 companies out of 1600 companies, you can invest in the share market by looking at anyone.

โ€ข Simply put, Sensex and Nifty are the two main indexes of the share market, which tell you whether the share market is up or down. Now we know how to invest in the share market.

also know What is sensex nifty

how to invest in share market

  • Before buying the stock of any company, see about the service and product of the company.
  • Looking at the leadership of the company and the growth of the company, buy the same shares. Because the product on which people trust more, the shares of the same product can give more returns.
  • Check the price earning ratio of any company (PE) Invest after seeing the PE of the market before investing when PE is below 10% then invest more than I think and when Invest less if PE is 30%
  • Watch TV channel or news, but if asked to buy shares in any TV channel or news paper, then first research about it and then buy shares.
  • The brokers with whom you will open a demat and trading account, the brokers will tell you to buy shares, but do not listen to anyone, if you invest in the stock market by researching carefully, then you have more chances of getting returns.

share market books in hindi

To invest in the share market, you should have complete knowledge of the share market, for this we will tell you some books on the share market, after reading which you will be able to easily know about the share market and how to invest share market books in Hindi. The name has been mentioned. Some of these books are available in Hindi and some are available in English.

1.Rich dad poor dad

2.Think and grow rich

3. The intelligent investor

what did you learn today

Today, we have told you the complete knowledge of the share market from the basics of the share market to some advance. By which you can take your first step in the stock market and get good returns by investing. If you like this article, then you can share this article. Do share with your friends or family

share after reading the post

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