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What is Demat and Trading Account? » 12/12/2022

What is Demat and Trading Account? If you want to invest in the share market, then you must have heard this, what is a demat account, what is a demat account and trading account in the share market, we are going to answer all these questions so that you can know what is a demat account trading account, so let’s go starts without delay

What is demat and trading account

There is a lot of difference between demat and trading account, we have told you in detail below which you can read

what is demat account

What is a demat account, what is it. If you want to know this, then consider us as an example. Whenever you do any work, you get its money, you deposit the money in the bank and from there you do your transactions just like that.

, Whenever you buy any shares in the share market, you need a demat account in the share market to keep those shares.So that you can keep those shares and sell them in the long run. Or you can hold and sell those shares in intraday, now we know what is trading account

what is trading account

Trading account is very much needed to buy or send shares of any company in the share market. For this you need to have a bank account so that you can transfer the money from the bank account to the trading account and buy shares easily. Now it comes to know from where the trading account and demat account was opened and what documents are needed to open them. yes we will know further

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Documents for demat account

1. Aadhaar Card – Mobile number must be linked
2. PAN Card
3. Bank Account
4. 6 months bank account proof
5. Signature – should be on a white paper
6. Photo – passport size photo

Where to open demat and trading account

For opening demat and trading account, we have given below about some brokers of India about their website and apps. Who will charge you less money.

Websites, Apps

Zerodha.com. Zerodha Kite
Apstock.com. upstox pro
SherKhan.com. sher khan
MotilalOswal.com. Mo investor
Angelbroking.com. angel broking
5paisa.com. 5pizza

What is demat and trading account

Now you must have known what is Demat All Trading Account, where to open it and what is its need, we have explained all this in detail, hope you liked this article. And you must have learned something, share this article as much as possible so that more people know what is demat and trading account.

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