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nse or bse which is better

nse or bse which is better When we invest in the stock market then this question definitely comes in our mind that which is the best stock exchange in the stock market between NSE and BSE.

And in which of these two stock exchanges should we trade, then today we will discuss in this article which is the best stock market? NSE or BSE which is better Will know about it in detail,

which is the best stock market

There were a total of 24 stock exchanges in India’s stock market, but in today’s time there are 23 stock exchanges, most of them trading in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange).

BSE was established in 1875, which is called the oldest stock exchange in Asia, and NSE was established a little later but the best one was established in 1992. Which was published to compete with BSE

Because in the BSE stock exchange then the purchase and sale of shares was done through a paper, that is why NSE was established so that there is no fraud of any kind with any investor.

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For example, 1992 Harshad Mehta Scam is the biggest example of this which happened in Bombay Stock Exchange, that is why when NSE was established, it was computerized.

Further cleverly BSE also had to be computerised, let me tell you that BSE’s index is sensex and NSE’s index is nifty which shows the movement of the market, both of them are monitored by SEBI (security board exchange of India), further we have prepared a table Explained the difference between BSE and NSE through

that will make it easier for you to understand NSE or BSE which is better Which is the best stock market and in which stock market to trade?

nse or bse which is better

founded 1875 Established 1992
stock exchange new stock exchange
wold 10 largest stock exchange world 11 largest stock exchange
More than 5000 companies are listed More than 1600 companies are listed
index is sensex index โ€“ nifty
website/ https://www.bseindia.com/ website/ https://www.nseindia.com/
low turnover Turn over is high
the volume is low volume is high
Geographical speed is 117 cts Geographical speed is 1500 cts
20% market share
more than us$3 trilin
80% market share
more than us$2 trilin

In which stock market to trade?

The above table shows more turnover and volume of NSE than BSE, and where turnover and volume of a company is more, you should trade in the same stock exchange, then NSE stock market is better than BSE.

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