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How to start investing in Share market

How to start investing in Share market Friends, there are many people who want to start in the stock market with low cost. But they feel that investing in the stock market requires a lot of money. So those who come from this ideology that investing in stock market requires a lot of money.

So let me tell them it is not like that at all, you can start investing with ₹500 or ₹1000 per month, but you should know that after ₹1000 How to start investing in Share market, So in this article we have given you how to invest in share market, It has been explained in detail and in a simple way, which you must read till the end.

Open Demat & Trading Account

To start investing in the stock market, first of all you will need a demat and trading account, demat account means you buy shares of any company. So you will need a demat account to hold that bought share.

Trading account means when you want to buy the shares of any company. So to square off that share price you will need a trading account.

Low priced stocks of strong companies

But first you have to add money from your bank account to the trading account. So that you can easily buy any share and sell any share and deposit that amount in the trading account.

You will need a brokers to open demat and trading account, there are many brokers in India who open both these accounts for free or by taking money.

But you have to open both these accounts from the same broker whose brokerage charges are very low, we have given below the list of best brokers in India whose brokerage charges are very low and can be trusted.

Given below is the list of useful documents required for opening a Demat and trading account

pan pan card Aadhar card
2 passport size photographs bank passbook
Your signature on a white paper

6 months bank account statement

choosing the right company

Before investing in any share in the stock market, you should know how to choose the right company, because by choosing the right company, the loss can be very small.

To choose a right company, you need to know the track record, product, service, management of that company, and how many years that company is in the market, and by what percentage its growth is increasing. Also, how is the customer satisfaction of that company

Seeing all this, if you think that this company can prove to be right for long-term investment, then you can invest in it for a long time and earn good returns.

How to understand the mathematics of share market. profit of share market

start with low investment

There are many people in the stock market whose ideology is to become a millionaire, they invest in a lot of shares in a single day with the same ideology, with big capital, they get good profits for a few days, but they do not know about the stock market. Due to lack of greed, they spend all their money

And when the share price decreases, then they suffer losses, they leave the stock market thinking it is a gamble, that’s why in the beginning you should work with less capital in the stock market so that you get to learn a lot from it and do not suffer much loss. That’s why start with less capital in the stock market

maintain set goals

Whenever you invest in the stock market, you should invest with a set goal, by doing this you can limit both your profit and loss. Invest in your own researched stocks. Do not invest because of any share market tips. Attention You should research more and more about the company and whenever you do trading, book your profit and set stoploss.

control emotions

Some people invest to keep a stock for a long time, so that in future that stock can give more returns, but whenever the price of a stock decreases, then they sell that stock in the flow of emotions.

But in a few days the price of the same stock increases and such people have to pay a lot. massive damage And regret it, whenever you invest, invest with a set goal and keep emotions under control.

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How to start investing in Share market In this article, we have given you very basic information, but you will have to get some more information only then you can become a successful investor.

You will have to buy different types of courses and attend good seminars so that you can learn very quickly. If you have got to learn something in this article, then you must share it.

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