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Ashok Leyland share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Hello friends, today we are going to talk in this article Ashok Leyland share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 About which is the second largest company of Hinduja group, which is going to make electric vehicle bus in future.

Where today we will tell you in detail about the business of this company, along with analyzing the stock, we will also try to know that in the coming days we can see its stock going for a target of Rs.

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Ashok Leyland share price target 2022

Ashok Leyland of Hinduja Group and India’s second largest commercial vehicles It is a manufacturing company and the world’s 4th largest bus manufacturing company as well as the 19th largest truck manufacturing company.

According to a recent news, Ashok Leyland Company has received an order from its foreign distributor to make 1400 school buses, which is about 75.15 million dollars, due to which there can be signs of a lot of growth in the stock.

ashok leyland share technical analysis
ashok leyland share technical analysis

You can see in the above image that if the stock breakouts the above resistance, then according to our analysis, its first target in Ashok Leyland share price target 2022 will be Rs 210, after that the second target will be hit. Rs 305 can be seen

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If seen, due to this news, there is a high possibility of breakout of the above resistance, if the stock comes back below the resistance, then you can see support around Rs 150 and going further below that is based on our research and experience. according to it is impossible

Ashok Leyland share price target 2023

Karthik Athmanathan, Senior Vice President, Ashok Leyland says. That Ashok Leyland will start the market of electronic buses from Ahmedabad and after 2022 will make 1000 electronic buses every year. Also, in 2022, the cost of electronic bus will be less than Rs. 3 to Rs. 10 per kilometer. And this cost is likely to come down even further in the coming years.

The company is currently working very fast looking at the future. And going forward, the company is also likely to make a lot of profit, now if we talk about Ashok Leyland share price target 2023, then you can see its first target of Rs 420, where you can hold its second target for Rs 540, which there is a good chance of seeing

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Ashok Leyland share price target 2025

Ashok Leyland is putting more efforts in making fully electronic bus. And looking at the future, we also see it becoming very important to use electric vehicles to remove pollution, where the government is also helping this sector.

If seen, according to our analysis and looking at the growth of Ashok Leyland company, it is visible that you can see the first target of Ashok Leyland share price target 2025 at Rs 700 and there is every possibility of seeing the second target at Rs 795. is being made

Ashok Leyland share price target 2030

If seen in the long run, Ashok Leyland Company has made a very strong hold in India in making tractors, trucks, and buses, due to which this company gets a lot of orders from the government, the future is of electric vehicles.

In such a situation, buses, tractors, trucks will also shift to electric in future and most of the benefits of this can be seen by Ashok Leyland company. And the second target can be seen at Rs 1470.

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Ashok Leyland share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 in table

Years target 1 target 2
2022 210.Rs. 305.Rs.
2023 420.Rs. 540.Rs.
2025 700.Rs. 795.Rs.
2030 1340.Rs. 1470.Rs.

Ashok Leyland share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 in table

Ashok Leyland share long term investment

In 2008, the share price of Ashok Leyland was 2rs. And in today’s time, the price of this share is around 160 rupees. Means those who had invested their money even in 2005, they would have earned tremendous returns till 2021. If we talk about making Ashok Leyland long term investment in Ashok Leyland, then according to us this company is very old, and it can also be trusted.

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Ashok Leyland company has been the biggest contributor in making buses and strong trucks in India, today the company is focusing more on making electronic buses. Ashok Leyland has many contracts in which some of the government buses made in India are Ashok Leyland’s only. That’s why looking at the way of working of this company and the new technology as well as the growth. Long term investing in Ashok Leyland Company can prove to be right.

risk of Ashok Leyland share

Talking about the biggest risk on the company, other competing companies seem to have a very good hold in the market as compared to Ashok Leyland Company, due to which Ashok Leyland Company is seen taking a huge amount of energy as well as the sales growth of the company. very few

And if you look at the company’s 3 last year’s returns, it appears in minus, although the company gives dividend despite being in loss, which is a good thing, but still you should keep the above mentioned things in mind before making your investment and think Invest wisely

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electric vehicles future analysis in india

By watching the video given below, you will understand that how will be the future of electric vehicles in India?

Ashok Leyland share price target Our opinion?

We will have the same opinion on the stock of Ashok Leyland Company that you should fix a long period of time in this stock, only then you can expect a lot of profit from the stock of this company, let us tell you all the above mentioned share price targets Stated on the basis of analysis which can be wrong anytime and in any year

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That’s why before making your investment, once take the advice of your financial advisor or do your own research, I hope you have got to know a lot about Ashok Leyland company, then you can read our Ashok Leyland share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Must share this article as well as stay with us to know similar information of share market


who is the owner of ashok leyland

Ashok Leyland is owned by Raghunandan Saran

where is ashok leyland company

The headquarter of Ashok Leyland Company is located in Chennai.

When was Ashok Leyland established?

September 7, 1948

Who is Senior Vice President at Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland company belongs to which country?

Ashok Leyland Company is from India.

ashok leyland workplace contact number

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